Here at Pit Stop BBQ, we enjoy what we do and love to cook for you!  If you haven’t tried our smoked brisket sandwich, now is the time!  Our smoked brisket sandwich is made from mouth watering smoked brisket piled on a grilled bulky roll and served with your choice of BBQ sauce, chips or french fires and slaw.

Often people aren’t sure what exactly brisket is and therefore are intimidated to order it off of a menu.  Brisket is a large piece of beef that comes from the breast section of the cow and can be up to 20lbs in size and is high in collagen!  Collagen is essential to adults as they age as it helps boost the health of tendons and ligaments which can break down as we age.

Brisket is either cured or smoked.  It’s also the best cut of beef for slow cooking because brisket can be a tough cut of meat but if cooked slow and low, it can be very tender. If you have ever eaten pastrami or corned beef, this is also brisket!  Corned beef is brisket cured with salt and spices and then simmered in water and often served with cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables.  Pastrami is often smoked causing a crust on the outside of the meat before the final cooking phase and enjoyed on sandwiches!

Next time you visit us at Pit Stop BBQ, enjoy fresh BBQ at it’s finest! It’s lip smacking good and you’re going to love it!



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