Planning an Event or Wedding?

Are you planning a wedding, birthday party, graduation party, engagement party or event for this year?  We know it’s a lot of work to plan an event and that’s why Pit Stop Smokehouse is here for you and all of your catering needs.  You’ve gone through all of the trouble to plan the day and have it be perfect and that’s why we are here for you!

After all of the planning for your event, you don’t want to have to worry about the food. You have other things to focus on. Whether you’re planning a birthday, wedding, anniversary, business gathering or anything in between, the food served shouldn’t be your concern. You should be able to get to what matters, the event. Here are some benefits of catering your event.

Menu Flexibility

We can create a menu that fits your various needs while still provided excellent quality. We can work any dietary restrictions and food requirements that you may need to consider in making your event the best!.

Less Stress

Let Pit Stop Smokehouse BBQ take care of the food so you can focus on the rest of the event!

It’s beneficial to have Pit Stop Smokehouse taking care of all of the prepping, setting up and cooking. This is a stress you don’t want to deal with the day of your event.

So in closing, we all know of or have been to events where the food is a little too dry or overcooked or looks less than appealing. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make your moment everything you wanted it to be and the food will be smokin’ good!

When looking for a catering company, look no further than Pit Stop Smokehouse BBQ.


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