Tips for Fall Grilling & Barbecuing

Here it is September already and the crispness and cool weather has started to arrive.  Though a few more warm days are most likely ahead of us, fall grilling and barbecuing can be much more enjoyable than sweating in front of your grill in the heat of the summer!

If you can’t make it to Pit Stop BBQ’s food truck in Keene, NH and want to grill out at home this fall, we have the following suggestions to keep it exciting and new!

Don’t be afraid to try new marinades and spices.  Check out what you have in the pantry and don’t be afraid to mix a few different spices together to create your own marinade.  Check out your liquor cabinet for brandy, wine, tequila or rum.  Many marinades can be spruced up with a splash of your favorite liquor.  Better yet, create your own dipping sauces for meats utilizing what you have on hand.  Pick the remaining fresh herbs in your herb garden and add some zest to your marinades. Be creative and have fun!

With a splash of this and a pinch of that, you’re onto your own culinary creation.  So get out there and enjoy fall and your grill!

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy our food truck at 216 Marlboro Street in Keene, NH!  We are open Monday – Friday 11am-5pm

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