Thinking about Catering Your Own Event?

Hosting a party, shower, event, or wedding on a budget is not easy. You want the best quality for the most affordable price. You look for ways to save without compromising on the experience. Because of this, man folks consider catering their own event.

It might make sense in the moment that catering your own event will be the less expensive option. But is it the best option? Should you cater your own event? Does it really save that much money when it’s all said and done? You may want to think twice!

Purchasing, prepping and cooking a large amount of food is not easy. If you’ve never done it before this can be a daunting task!   It takes time, patience and care to pull it off.  Then there’s the cooking – this can be very overwhelming. Unless you have access to a commercial kitchen space, you’ll likely have to rotate the preparation of certain items, using what room you do have.  Unless you’re preparing it all the day of the event, you’ll need a place to store it.

Make sure to have enough plates, napkins, utensils, pans, bowls, etc for prepping, platters for serving, etc.  You can find yourself overwhelmed quite quickly and that’s when things can go wrong.  Overcooked food, undercooked food and more!

Many party planners expect to cater their events with the help of family and friends. While those loved ones might be willing to help, they probably also want to just be a part of the party. The more people you have assisting with your catering and serving, the more people you have missing the fun.

You won’t regret hiring a cater that’s for sure.  When the day of your event comes, and the caterer comes in with all the food ready to be served to your guests, you’ll know you made the right decision. To be stress free is a benefit in itself.  Just sit back and enjoy!

For all of your catering needs, contact Pit Stop Smokehouse today!  (603) 399-9010Catering 7

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